About our strawberries

Just like the roof tiles and earthenwares crafted by our ancestors, Kawarakeya people continue to engage in creative activities that are in harmony with the nature of its particular location. It is our great pleasure to introduce these natural regional features into our strawberries.
You can purchase our fresh strawberries from December to May. During the season you can also do strawberry picking. Please make a reservation beforehand. It takes about 10 minutes by car to get here from Tsukuba railway station. We are looking forward to your visit!

Strawberry Pickng

You can pick and eat our fresh strawberries
in our greenhouse.


You can buy our fresh strawberries and handmade jams online. (Japanese Only)



  • Price(for a 40-minute all-you-can-eat)

    Adult(> 13yrs):¥2,000
    Child (6-12yrs):¥1,600
    ※Under 3 years old are free of charge.
  • Open hours

    Please select a preferred time slot from
    (1)10:00 (2)11:30 (3)13:00 (4)14:30 .
    The time slots may vary from one day to another, so please check the reservation table bellow, too.
  • Contact details

    1599-1, Kamizakai, Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki-pref, 305-0011, Japan

    Email: kawarakeya@gmai.com
    Phone Number: 070-6454-1583
    Business Hours: 9:00 am〜3:00 pm from Wednesday to Monday
    ※Closed once sold out. Closed on Tuesday from December to May.
  • Information

    • You can eat our strawberries as much as you like for 40 minutes.But you can eat them only in our greenhouse.
    • You can reserve your strawberry picking time on the Internet or by telephone.In case you call us, please kindly understand that not all of our staff are fluent in English.Thank you for your patience. We recommend you book your reservation at least one day before your visit.
    • You can make a same day reservation only by telephone.
    • Groups of 20 or more can get a JPY 100 discount per person.
    • You can bring your own condensed milk or buy it at Kawarakeya if you like.
Please choose your preferred date from the following table.

About “Kawarakeya”

Kawarakeya” was the name of this area until 1955. The area is alluvial plain with very fertile land. Until about 50 years ago, the people here used to make roof tiles that were very well known. These roof tiles ware called “Kawara” in Japanese. “Kawara” is the origin of this area’s name “Kawarakeya”. We think that both roof tiles and our products are blessings from nature. We work in harmony with nature in growing our berries just like our ancestors did when they were creating “Kawara” - roof tiles.

Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki-pref, Japan
→ Search for "kawarakeya" on google maps.

Please note that we may not be able to answer your call while we are working. We will make every effort to return your call, but if you do not receive a call back after a certain period of time, we apologize and ask you to call back again.

Hagetaka-plus Co.,Ltd.


In this area, people used to own goats as livestock. By eating grass along the river bank, goats provided milk as a source of protein for humans, and manure for plant nutrition. Goats are our role-model as they make good use of natural blessings to create good things.

About our staff

All of our staff live in this area. We are very much looking forward to your visit.

Yukitaka Shimazu

Hi, I'm Yuki (Yukitaka Shimazu), the founder of Kawarakeya.
I was born in Osaka and grew up there until I entered University of Tsukuba in 1998.
I majored in sports medicine and got into playing soccer.
When I graduated, I wanted to do something that young people rarely do.
Therefore, I chose agriculture.
In Japan, the average age of workers in agriculture is around 65 years old.
In 2002, I started producing strawberries, and strawberry picking in 2016.
I hope my fresh strawberries would bring a big smile to your face!
I'm looking forward to your visit.